Rainbow six siege tier list. Defending Operators (33 Photos)

Cav is strong when sneaking up on enemies but is foiled when spotted by drones. A nerf to the Alda took away its increased accuracy when hipfiring, but even still it boasts some of the strongest stats on defense. BY: Timothy Solomon. Instead, our list is divided into broader categories that describe where an operator sits in the meta right now. A recent nerf to the Logic Bomb automatically turns off the ringing after 12 seconds and allows calls to be interrupted by Mute's jammers. Maverick is the ultimate stealth attacker. While Thermite and Hibana are the foundation of a strong attack, a hard breach counter makes for a stronger defense. She makes it extremely difficult to launch full scale attacks onto objectives and as such can be effective in certain situations when attackers are pushing. His Yokai drones can jump up and stick to the ceiling to enter a cloaked mode. Timed with breaches or a coordinated push, you're likely to catch a few enemies who are in a tight spot and are forced to move.

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Paired with her breaching grenade launcher that allows her to quickly open soft walls, she excels as a rusher who can overpower weaker defender weapons. Her three Black Eye cameras can be placed anywhere on the map and provide clear color picture and near degree views of the map. Make no mistake, you can kick ass with Blitz, but it's in spite of his broken state.

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You know where the bomb site is, but there are dozens of ways to approach it. No matter how good the memes or how extravagant the cosmetics, Lord Tachanka just kinda sucks. However, he is still usable as people can do the "Bandit trick" in which they use their ability after Thermite or Hibana has attached their gadget which can destroy it and get rid of attackers' resources. Glaz: This is a fragger, he is especially useful as his gun can penetrate bulletproof plane windows, however, he ability really shines when he uses his smokes.

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Their unique abilities are very situational and should be played sparingly. Zofia is a particularly powerful support operator. A recent rework to his fire bolts drastically increase their area of effect and makes him much better at his job.

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Kanye west nude. The best Rainbow Six Siege operators, September 2019 log

The real highlight of his kit is the T-5 SMG, which has great control, a high fire rate, and average damage. His crude electrical devices Shock Wire , electrocute the wall reinforcements and will instantly destroy any projectile or charge that is applied to it. Her three Black Eye cameras can be placed anywhere on the map and provide clear color picture and near degree views of the map. Vigil: Vigil is the newest roamer, due to his ability to hide from drones, attackers will not be able to prefire him as easily due to his ability to be anywhere within a large vicinity around drones without being pinned. These are typically a bad combo for attacking a fortified objective, but Gridlock brings a gadget that helps her alleviate some stress of getting flanked. His gadget can also be used to gleam information like Pulse and Valkyrie When Lion uses his ability, the entire enemy team is essentially forced to stay still. This is very useful and also, in a game where spots are quite predictable at higher levels, one doesn't need a very large FOV to get a headshot and making their head literally bigger on the screen can help a lot. I suppose it should be mentioned she can also pick people up and help Blitz rush, which are both extremely situational. On one hand, they are a sitting duck, on the other hand, they are completely outlined for the enemy team but might have a chance to make it to cover.

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Though brief, his new map scan is a powerful tool for dealing with roamers. Other defender operators have ways to deal with Lion, however he is still viable due to the fact that he can give extra health to challenge Finka's extra health Pulse: Pulse is also good, like Valkyrie, at getting information, and also like Valkyrie, due to the rising popularity of IQ, he has fallen slightly out of favor as IQ can easily take out a Pulse as her gadget has a longer range than Pulse's gadget.

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If no images are loaded here go back to the categories page. There isn't a single best Rainbow Six Siege operator for every situation. Gridlock is in a unique spot as the first 3-armor attacker added to the game post-release. Her Vector unloads its full mag in 1.

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